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Ragdoll kittens

Ragdoll kittens


All of my Adorable Ragdoll Kittens for sale are all registered with  TICA (The International Cat Association) and CFA (The Cat Fancier’s Association). All of Our Ragdoll kittens for sale are handled with lots of gentleness, love, and care from the day they are born. Our Ragdoll kittens for sale are born in our Kitten Nursery and when they are old enough, they go to the designated Kitten Rooms in our home, and then they are introduced to the rest of the house. We pride ourselves in providing ongoing support to all our customers and are responsive to phone calls, emails and communications from our clients. Our goal is to provide correct educational information to interested people, as well as gorgeous kittens in amazing colors with perfect personalities to loving homes, show personnel, and new breeders.
​Our Kittens for sale are kept with us until they are 8 to 11-12 weeks old, to avoid behavioral problems associated with our kittens being separated from their litters too soon. At that time, they will have had their shots, been dewormed, been fully weaned from its mother, begun eating solid food and using the litter box. Our kittens are all checked by our veterinarian prior to leaving our cattery. We want to ensure that our kittens and Cats are socialized at that point to interact with their new family, including children and pets

We are situated in Rugby, North Dakota, not a long way from Minot International Airport . Ragdoll Kitten Cattery offers conveyance anyplace in the United States. You can likewise get your furbaby from our cattery or airport..our favored decision. During the time we will have an assortment of excellent Standard Munchkin Kittens accessible including silvers, chocolates, focuses, dark-striped cats, and calico to give some examples. We go through our days keeping an eye on each little cat to guarantee their well being, security, and friendliness. They are brought up in a without smoke, confine free, exceptionally spotless and cherishing family condition. Our reproducers are additionally our pets and are treated with as much love as each little cat! Grown-ups are taken care of a top notch food, and the pregnant and nursing sovereigns and little cats devour a top-notch cat food and are given supplemental nutrients.
About Ragdoll kittens for sale
Ragdolls are cats breeds with a color point coat and blue eyes.These cats are muscular,large,semi-longhair and with a soft and silky hair.Developed by American breeder Ann Baker in the 1960s,they are known for their placid and docile temperament and their affectionate nature.Their name Ragdold,was derived from the tendency of individuals from the original breeding stock to go limp and relaxed when picked up.Ragdolls are particularly popular in the United Kingdom and the breed’s native which is the United States.They are often known or said to be dog like cats or puppy=like cats because of their behavior such as their ease when physically handled,their relative lack of aggression towards other pets and also because of their affectionate nature.

Ragdoll kittens for sale  are said to have a calm,docile and floppy nature,these characteristics have been passed down from the Persian kittens and the Birman breeds.Opinions vary as to whether this traits might be due to a genetic mutation.
Breed standard marketing and publicity material describes the Ragdoll cat for sale  as intelligent,affectionate and relaxed in temperament,the cat is gentle and and easy to lap dog.Because of their placid nature and affectionate they are being described by some as puppy cats or dog like cats with the cat following owners from room to room as well as they also seek for physical affection which is similar to some dog breeds