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Having a kitten can mean different things to different people. Some want a cat to cuddle and sit on their laps; others are happy to live with a very independent cat which spends most of its time outside and doesn’t want too much human interaction.What is important is that you try to find a cat that will interact with you if you want it to have a kittens for sale. All cats are not the same and how each individual cat behaves with you can depend on its inherent personality and early experiences (or lack of experiences), which can make it fearful or confident with people and life in general.The environment in which you keep a cat is also extremely significant – for example if it lives with many other cats which do not get on, then it will be stressed and will react differently than if it was on its own.kittens for sale

While there is no guaranteed way to choose the perfect cat for you and your lifestyle, understanding your expectations as well as what makes cats tick will help you to bring home a cat that should be able to cope with its new environment and be the pet that you want too.

ragamuffin kittens for sale


the overall impression of the RagaMuffin should be one
of sweetness and robust health. They are a medium to large cat
with substantial bone structures and full bodies. The large, expressive
eyes strongly contribute to the overall sweet look. The only
extremes in this cat are the large expressive eyes and docile nature.
RagaMuffin females are generally considerably smaller than males,
both being muscular, and heavy with a tendency toward a fatty pad
on the lower abdomen. RagaMuffins attain full maturity at approximately
four years of age. The cat should have an overall balance,
with quality and conformation given preference over size. A
RagaMuffin is people loving and affectionate – a cuddly, feline teddy

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Ragdoll Kittens are available in a rainbow of colors and patterns! We are well-known for our stunning and rare LILACS and CHOCOLATES! Plus we always have the traditional SEALS and BLUES! But we never forget about the uncommon blue-eyed WHITES, and the silky MINKS and deep SEPIA’s! There are also beautiful kittens that come in RED, CREAM, and TORTIE! And any of our kitties can also come with LYNX markings!

ragdoll kittens for sale

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She is eating very well!! And I took Ranibel to the vet yesterday, and they said she was very health. I feed her 4 times a day, and everything is fine. She loves to play with people and sleep on the couch in the living room. I also planning to send her to pet kindergarten in few weeks. I hope she will enjoy at the kindergarten. She is really adorable, and she loves people. she became a super star in my APT.

Tony Ramerez

Laura turned 1 yrs old. She tolerated the hat but loved the cake. She has been a great addition to our family. She is so cute, funny and smart. She has learned to open the back door to let herself back in. She is awesome. We just love her.

Thank You so much cutefrenchbulldogz and a special thanks to Mike

Mark Jance

(Month After) I took the puppy to the vet. yesterday to have him check out and get his parvo shot. The vet. just happens to own an English bull himself. He told me that the puppy comes from a good bloodline and was a very good looking puppy. So on that note, I just wanted to thank you very much again

Rickey von pommer

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